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Preventative Maintenance

How does a Planned Service Agreement with Amos Air benefit your business?

Today, there are increasing expectations on business to increase profit, provide safer and more comfortable environments for their employees to work in, whilst making changes to the way we live and work that will protect our planet for future generations.
Maintaining a greener building, with increased energy efficiency, lower operating costs and better indoor environmental quality can help your business achieve these goals.
An Amos Air, Planned Service Agreement has been carefully designed to optimize the latest in predictive and planned service technology to ensure every service activity positively impacts one or more of the following:

reduce repair costsReduce Future Repair Cost
If left unattended, small issues can lead to big problems. Addressing small issues is less expensive than crisis management when big problems arise. Planned Service can improve equipment reliability and extend equipment life.
occupant ComfortEnsure Occupant Comfort
A comfortable working environment increases occupant productivity and engagement impacting the company's bottom line. Planned Service can help reduce occupant complaints related to comfort.
saveMoneyIdentify Energy Saving Opportunities
HVAC equipment is the single largest energy consumer in commercial buildings. Planned Service can have a significant impact on the efficiency of HVAC equipment. Saving energy saves money and has an indirect impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gases.
healAndSafetyHealth and Safety
At Amos Air, our commitment to workplace safety is reinforced by our first-class safety management programme. All Amos Air Service Professionals participate in regular toolbox talks and safety training to ensure they can assess risks and hazards related to all Planned Service activities. Planned Service helps ensure plant and equipment operates safely within manufacturers' specifications. Properly serviced ventilation systems improve indoor air quality and minimize the health risks associated with "sick building syndrome".
save environmentProtect the Environment
It is important to protect our planet for future generations. Planned Service can help ensure building systems use water efficiently, whilst eliminating refrigerant and oil leaks reduces the direct impact that refrigerants have on global warming.