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Fire Damper Certification


All building owners are required to complete an annual check of their fire safety measures to certify they are working correctly and to the appropriate standards.

This includes carrying out checks on equipment such as smoke detectors and alarm systems, fire extinguishers, hose reels, fire hydrants and exit signs, as well as evacuation plans.

Among the more difficult to access components to check within any fire protection system are the fire and smoke dampers, which are located within the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system ductwork.

Their job is to prevent the spread of smoke and fire through the HVAC system to other parts of a building.

Amos Air’s experienced technicians are AMCA certified in Fire Damper Installation, allowing them to complete certification, supervision and re-certification of fire and smoke dampers.

They will locate your fire/smoke damper, compile a comprehensive list of all fire and smoke dampers within the building and carry out maintenance checks as per the appropriate Australian Standards and BCA requirements to ensure they operate correctly in the case of a fire.